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Berwyn Train Station Parking Survey
Berwyn Train Station Parking Survey
What are the parking issues at the SEPTA Berwyn Train Station?
Days Remaining47
How frequently do you utilize the Berwyn train station?
A few times a week
A few times a month
A few times a year
Rarely or never
Are you typically able to find parking in the train station parking lot during your visit?
Most of the time
Do you consider the parking supply at the train station to be adequate?
Always, I never have trouble finding parking that is relatively convenient.
Most of the time it is adequate, but occasionally it can be difficult to find parking.
Toss-up, about half of the time I can find parking and the other half I can't.
Rarely, I usually have to drive around before finding a parking space.
Never, it is always difficult to find a parking space.
If you have difficulty finding parking in the train station parking lot, when does this typically occur? Optional
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